Menu Curators


Reserve BROWNSTONE 1007 for your small EVENT needs. Party's up to 40 guest will meet Eric Charles & Ralph Goff and experience a Menu Curation designed to surpass your highest expectations.

The "Masters" Table


Host your important Birthday, Bridal Party or Anniversary Celebration in a professionally executed service environment.  The "Masters" Table will not let you down.  Your guest will have the time of thier Lives!

Signature Charcuterie


Begin with our Signature Charcuterie comprised of special cheeses, homemade bruschetta, fresh sweet & hot peppers, seasonal fruits & olives, prosciutto, and gourmet olive oils & breads.  A perfect combination of lite bites! 

Curated Tastings


Bring the vineyard to your Event. Our Menu Curators have the knowledge of combining tastes that pair perfectly with specialty wines.  A themed wine tasting is a fun concept that will engage your guest and compliment your Event.

Comfort Foods


Shrimp & grits! 

BROWNSTONE Bread Pudding


BROWNSTONE Bread Pudding will make all chocolate ice cream lovers turn to vanilla. With a hint of cinnamon & carmel sauce, you'll be perfectly satisfied as you end your evening and wish your guest a good night.